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Recyclable packaging

We remain focused on providing our own packaging solutions that are more eco-friendly than traditional soft plastic materials and provide better feedstock at end of life to help keep packing materials within a circular economy. This means limiting packaging weight and reducing packaging waste, along with its irreversible environmental impact.

When clients enquire about eco-friendly packaging items, our first recommendation is the use of recyclable packaging materials. Our recyclable material structures stay true to their purpose of protecting and extending the shelf life of your products, and can be used for anything from packaging films and rewind, through to pre-made pouches and bags

Mono-polymer Pouches and Films

These packaging products are made from a single plastic material or in combination with other materials in the same polymer family, meaning the packs are easily recyclable and contain no PVDC, PET, Nylon or Aluminium films.

2 Mono PackCycle Films examples

Other Sustainable Options