As a company, we aspire to leave the world a better place than we found it.

We have a passion for sustainability. We’re not preachy about it. We’re here to help, fusing science, innovation and a sense of responsibility as a packaging manufacturer to help make what we know best and truly make a difference.

Our difference is our approach to making packaging a future ecologic SOLUTION.

We provide customization that meets you on your sustainability journey while making sure customers find you on shelves. From conventional to recycled and compostable options, to eventual circularity, we’ll keep you in compliance now and as compliance requirements evolve.

Dedicated to furthering packaging sustainability

Our Ongoing Journey Towards Sustainability

As a professional packaging supplier, we don’t mislabel our products just for the sake of “greenwashing.” Our years of expertise led us to embrace a central role in reducing food and material waste, while improving our own carbon footprint. We provide real and viable sustainable packaging products with integrity. We continue to invest in research and development to improve our packaging products and their sustainability. Close the Loop Packaging launched its very own printed, fully recyclable stand-up pouch in 2019 and our eco-friendly packaging alternatives have evolved since. Our green packaging solutions now include solvent-free film lamination that lessens the environmental impact of packaging production.

We are also proud members of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP), Sustainable Packaging Coalition, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), the Australian Institute of Packaging and other relevant organizations in the industry. We work closely with these industry groups in advancing sustainable packaging.

Our sustainability movement extends beyond our products and also covers our business practices.

Power of the Group makes you stronger

Close The Loop Group Partner Companies Graphic

The Power of the Group is in linking a group of
international companies—all with unique
specialties—dedicated to furthering
sustainable practices through packaging AND
to providing innovation and leadership in their
own fields to help provide the very best in packaging solutions for CPGs.

Create YOUR Power Team
By partnering with companies specializing in film, paper, structures, closures, recycling, and recovery. Close the Loop Packaging offers the ability to combine individual, industry-leading strengths and put them to work for your brand or product.

Make a difference for your Consumers
AND your Retail Partners
Consumers around the world are demanding sustainable packaging solutions and factor that into their buying decisions. All leading retailers now have corporate sustainability initiatives that have become part of their brand language. Packaging is a huge factor in these. Offering brand packaging that satisfies consumers’ needs for sustainability helps them deliver on their promise.

Don’t just recycle. RECOVER
Close the Loop packaging can offer in-house recycling and recovery programs to help take packaging to the next level. Through the group, we can recover used packaging through tailored in-store recovery programs and use that product for recycled content and eventually, raw material for companies to remake their own product—
and Close the Loop.

Logos for Estee Lauder, Costco, Sam's, Lexmark, HP

Nobody sustains sustainability like we do.

We can give you the power to integrate recycling, take back and recovery into your packaging plan. Close the Loop is the one of the most advanced vertically integrated design, manufacturing, collection, and recycling companies on the planet. Our sights are set always on a low-to-no carbon footprint (for our processes and packaging) and ultimately on take back/recovery; while recyclable and reusable offerings remain our mainstay, we are Close The Loop because going full circle is our eventual plan.

Here’s how we Close the Loop and how it’s already helping.


We partner with CPGs & retailers to create a
circular economy


We leverage our national logistics infrastructure to collect products from stores.


All products are recycled with zero waste going to landfills.


From the recycled output streams we create circular products such as asphalt additives:

The Power of Partnerships

Industry Partnerships allow for innovation-based packaging with various brands and organizations that help us increase our reach and contribution to the industry.
Close the Loop industry partnerships with ANZPAC Plastics Pact, Soft Plastic Recycling, APCE - Australian Packaging Covenant Org, The Pouch Shop,