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Recycled packaging

A key part of sustainability practices and moving to a circular economy structure involves the use of recycled content back into products. While this is challenging in the flexible packaging space due to food safety requirements, Close the Loop Packaging is taking on this challenge.

Our sustainability efforts include recycled packaging materials, ideal for a range of non-food contact applications and packaging products including outer bags, pouches, and cardboard boxes.

We have recycled content products and can produce all of our different flexible pouch types using a percentage of recycled material for nonfood grade applications.


  • Using recycled materials closes the loop of sustainability
  • Several customization options
  • Recommended use for non-food contact packaging layers


Available Packaging Formats


As part of our extensive partnership networks, Close the Loop Packaging collaborates with several brands and manufacturers. over the production and continuous development of recycled and reusable packaging products.

Several Zero2 Packaging Products

Other Sustainable Options